User interface and user experience re-design of the mobile application for an existing on-demand, food & grocery delivery service.  The application and site officially launched in Fall 2021.
Product design
August 2021 - Present
JUST GO is a on-demand, food and grocery delivery service that aims to provide quality products to their users and consumers at low-costs, with no minimum purchase amount, delivery fees, or service fees.  By locally sourcing employees and “hub” owners,  JUST GO is able to offer their consumers 15+ minute delivery upon order confirmation and prides itself on its ability to provide consumers with maximum convenience. JUST GO is currently based in the Irvine area, serving mainly residents living near the University of California, Irvine, but plans to expand more to neighboring areas soon.
Preparing for their launch, the JUST GO team had doubts about the effectiveness of their current design towards acheiving great user experience and customer satisfaction in their service.  Although an existing product was in place intended for launch, the JUST GO team still felt that it was still incomplete and lacking from their competitors.  In addition, the existing design was created by the team without anyone with UI/UX experience or expertise, further increasing their doubt in the product.  WIth a little over a month left until their intended launch, the JUST GO team wanted to make sure that they resolve as many design issues as they can and create an impactful first impression to public when the service goes live.
The JUST GO team approached me and tasked me to analyze the existing product, find existing user experience and design issues, and solve said problems through a re-design in a short time frame of a little over one month.  The team currently did not have a UI/UX design team in place so I became their main product designer.
I was the sole product designer (UI/UX) for this project during this period.
My key achievements in this project are listed below:
  • Work under strict time constraints and requirements.  Although there was very limited time until the launch of the product, I was able to design in a manner that was efficient and effective.
  • Cooperation and collaboriation alongside other teams in the project.  I worked closely with stakeholders and the development team to ensure that the JustGo re-designs fulfilled the needs of our users while also being technologically fesible for the limited time we had to develop after designing.
  • Experience on a real-life product on the market.  This was my first role as a professional working in product design and the first time in my career being compensated for my design.
To better understand how I should approach the re-design of JUST GO, I evaluated the current state of the mobile application at the time by exploring the application and running through the ordering process from beginning to end for any usability issues and concerns in design.
JUST GO past designs before I started working on the project.
The following are my findings from this heuristic analysis:
  • The current design had too many visual elements that cause too much cognitive load, overwhelming users and distracting them from the tasks that they need to achieve.
  • Some visual elements that are important, such as the “Add to Cart” buttons and text elements, are too small and not emphasized enough for the user.
  • There is a lack of options after user actions that allow users to undo their action and/or makes it ineffiecient to perform certain tasks, such as removing items from their cart and returning to shopping.
  • The current aesthetics (typeface and interface design) did little to complement the branding that JUST GO wanted to portray based on their mission as a company.
After reviewing my research and speaking with stakeholders, I defined the following primary requirements that I set myself to fulfill in order to help the both the users and JUST GO meet their goals:
  • Users must be able to navigate through the application easily and efficiently.  This also means users can be able to undo their actions if needed.
  • Important visual elements must be properly emphasized, legible, and accessible.
  • The application should be aesthetically pleasing and aligns to JUST GO’s branding so that the overall experience is satisfying to the user and connects them emotionally to the service.
As I knew that there was very limited time until the launch of JUST GO, I wanted to make sure that any changes that I made with the design was technological fesible for the developers to implement.  After coordinating with the stakeholders and developers, we agreed to leave as much of the existing information architecture as-is and focus more on changes to visual elements and user interaction on the current implemented screens.
The JUST GO team wanted their branding to be represented by a friendly feeling with a “home-like” and bright aesthetic.   Thus, I styled the application’s aesthetics to reflect the afformentioned preferrence.
By the Fall 2021 deadline for JUST GO’s launch, after some sketchcing and wireframing, I was able to create new designs for the applications that addressed the usabilitiy concerns I found during my research, satisfied stakeholder’s needs and perferences, and gave a refreshing new feel to the overall branding.

Given the limited timeframe, I was not asked to re-design the whole application but specific needed features.  Featured below are some of the aspects of the application that I designed during this time period.
After the JUST GO’s launch, I was later asked to continue designing for them in a contractor position, working with them “on call” and at their request.  To this date, I am currently still designing for JUST GO and am still the sole product designer of the company.  Working in this position the time to greatly improve not only the application but my skills and thinking as a designer.   Featured below are some updated and/or new designs that I have made for JUST GO.
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